Hey, I am Michael Hannah and this blog is dedicated to getting rid of cockroach and other pests.
I had cockroach infestation in my home…I saw those bugs in every room and I was frustrated! Finally I found a permanent solution to my cockroach problem and eliminated cockroach from my home easily and naturally!

I dedicated this blog to provide you some info about cockroach and I will give you few tips you can use to get rid of cockroach, silverfish, fleas, termites and other pests as well.

You know, I used to have a cockroach infestation in my home! I thought I have to live with these embarrasing pests for the rest of my life…

I was frustrated and I wanted to kill cockroach once and for all! I searched for a solution and finally I was able to deal with them easily and naturally , include baby cockroach !

I will let you know about my story and I will share you some tips later on so check back soon!