6 Ways to Get Rid of Baby Cockroach

Roaches will place eggs and these will hatch shortly after and create nymphs. These are also known as baby cockroach and while they are small, they have a massive appetite. This leads to plenty of issues especially since they can show the start of a larger infection that is coming your way! This means that you have to treat the situation with extra attention and care. Usually, proper sanitation and chemical controls, including bug bites can be a very good option!

What should you know about baby cockroach?

baby cockroach

what do baby cockroaches look like

The interesting thing about these baby cockroach is that they will grow but their external skeleton will not. They will shed their skeleton during their life and they will take up to a month or so until they reach adulthood. Pretty much like the cockroaches, the baby cockroach are nocturnal. However, they are usually found in larger numbers than the adults and they usually remain in the places where they hatch. They come indoor by accident but they will stick there especially if they have good growth conditions.

Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Baby cockroach in your home

How can you sanitize your home?

1.  Let’s face it, getting rid of the baby cockroach can be very hard which is why the best thing you can do is to sanitize the home and ensure that they don’t come inside at all. However, doing this can be very demanding and it all comes down to you to ensure that you focus on results at all costs. But how can you sanitize your home to keep these insects away? It’s actually a very simply thing.
You should try to clean up the surfaces and all the enclosed services. The baby cockroach are particularly fond of water so if you have water spilled on the floor you should clean that immediately. Some other types of baby cockroach need a ready source of starch, but either way you have to focus on removing anything that might lead to the development of cockroaches.

2.  Another good idea is to rotate the wood piles , while at that, you should turn the mulch as often as possible. Try to maintain the compost piles and the leaf litter way from building as this is where you can find most of the baby roaches. All you have to do is to try and clean the home, be it inside and outside, as clean as possible. When there’s even a simple sign of litter, you will have to deal with these critters and it’s certainly not a pretty experience to begin with.

3.  We also recommend you to eliminate all the litter inside your home as well. A good idea is to remove all the tires, cans, cardboard and all those places where you can collect water. The outdoor roaches will focus on going in tree holes as well, so you should try to fix those holes as well, washing those with soapy water and then filling in the holes with some patch cement is certainly the best possible option.

4.  Moreover, you should always try to fix the older pipes especially those that have leaks. This is not a pretty thing to have near your home so whenever you see leaking pipes you should focus on addressing the issue. The idea is that baby cockroach will congregate right under so it can be very challenging in the end.

5.  Using physical attacks
If you are already infected with baby cockroach, then you should opt for a physical attack. You can start this type of attack by adding in mulch at the entries in your home and the nesting points. another recommended thing to do is to remove all the standing water from both the standpipes and gutters.
You can also opt for traps as these are available at the hardware stores and you can easily capture the roaches on sticky paper. There is the possibility to use need sprays as they won’t really kill roaches but they will inhibit growth which results in their death.
Basically, blocking the damp areas will offer you a lot of great results and it all comes down to you to address this situation firsthand. If you are an organic gardener, you can check out the cockroach wasps as this will offer a very good way to eliminate the roach nymphs as they start growing.

6.  Chemicals
If you have a massive baby cockroach infection, you should start using chemicals. The best one to eliminate small roaches like this is definitely boric acid, but it’s toxic for plants to avoid using it in the garden. Instead try to place imidacloprid and hydramethylnol based bait traps right near the wall borders. You can also use imidacloprid based outdoor sprays but do read the instructions. Some of these sprays will have to get in direct contact with the baby cockroach in order to be efficient. Always make sure that you use the pesticides when the wind is calm and follow the package directions to the letter.


Also, you have to think about storing these chemicals somewhere where no one can have direct access to them or eliminate them as instructed. It will be very important to ensure that you follow all directions to the letter otherwise you might have to deal with plenty of issues and that’s definitely something you want to avoid. Keep in mind to avoid direct contact with these chemical and wash with water and soap each time after using these.


At the end of the day, what matters the most is that each of these options helps you in getting rid of the baby cockroach. You have to avoid using pesticide sprays with baits or traps because the sprays are repellants and that means traps won’t be able to work properly.

We recommend you to use all these ideas and instructions in order to better eliminate the baby cockroach. Don’t expect to get rid of the infection immediately as it will take a while, but try to maintain your home sanitized and ensure that you will keep any roaches at bay with proper cleaning.

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