How to Effectively Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Car

Even though bed bugs are widely known for being a pest at home, the reality is that they do tend to infest many other locations as well. In fact, you can find them in movie theaters, schools, hotel rooms, offices and many other similar locations. That’s why you have to do all in your power in order to deal with them as fast as possible. Unfortunately, you can find bed bugs even in your own car, so addressing this bite is mandatory otherwise you will soon start feeling the negative effects of this bite.

How do bed bugs reach your car?

Bed Bugs in Car

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The way bed bugs reach your car is actually very simple. They will travel from your bedroom to your car via attaching themselves to your clothing items. You will get them from a place that’s already infested and once they reach your car they will infest it as well. The main reason here is that bed bugs breed very fast which means that your car can easily get infested.

Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop here. It seems that once they reach your car they will indeed attach to the passenger’s clothing as well, so they will infest your passenger’s home as well. This really is a major downside to be honest but it does show that the bite can easily get out of control.

Do an inspection

Maybe the first thing you need to do is to properly inspect the car and see the overall extent of the bite. Many times, you won’t have to deal with any bite but there are situations when the bite is visible and it can even get out of control. Treating bed bugs can be very time consuming and expensive so you have to be certain that you have an bite on your hands in the first place.

Try to remove all the clutter from your car and then do a visual inspection. Sometimes you can see some telltale signs that are left by them, these are dark spots and blood stains. If you want to further boost the inspection accuracy you might want to use some tape as it will make the process a lot easier.

The way you use tape in order to detect bed bugs is simple. You place the tape at specific points in your vehicle, for example you can place it on the plastic near your seat or in between the seats if you want. Let it be for a while and then check to see if you caught any bed bugs. Obviously, it’s a very good idea to use a magnifying glass when you check the tape as these bugs are small and you can easily overlook them.

Clean your car as often as you can

The main reason why bed bugs tend to start an bite in your car is because they love clutter. This enables them with the perfect living environment where they can breed and live without being disturbed. The more trash and items you have in your car the easier it will be for them to live undisturbed. Obviously you should try to do all you can in order to remove clutter from your car.

Not only that, but you have to do regular maintenance as well. This is the best thing to do if you don’t want to have any clutter accumulated in your car. Of course, using a vacuum is maybe the best way to eliminate dirt and grime or potential feeding places. Be prepared to have some lingering bed bugs even after a while, but keep in mind that you should vacuum and clean often.

It’s important to note that a single female will lay around 250 eggs during her life so the bite can easily get out of control. You have around 10 days until the eggs hatch and that’s when the bite will get to be very bad. It’s really hard to pinpoint where the bed bugs are located but vacuuming your car often will reduce the chances of dealing with an infection. You can also try and clean up your clothes before you get into the car as you might be able to eliminate the bugs before reaching your vehicle as well.

Steam the car interior

One of the best ideas that you can use in order to deal with a bed bug bite in your car is to actually steam the interior. As you might know already, you can start steaming the interior as this is a very reliable and efficient treatment. Even if you don’t have professional equipment, a good steam cleaner is still accessible and it does allow you to kill these pests without that much of a problem. It’s a good idea to use a machine that will use high pressure steam at around 200 degrees.

All bed bugs won’t be able to resist this type of temperature and as a result you will be able to get rid of them really fast. Using a fabric attachment will help you avoid any potential damage from being done to the car and accessories.

Wash the floor mat and seat covers

Everything inside your car should be taken outside and washed properly. Starting with the seat covers and ending with the floor mats, all of these are great places where bed bugs can stay and breed. This is the reason why you should clean these as often as you can. On top of that, checking under the covers and mats will help you improve your bite checkup as well which is a great plus.

If there are any bed bugs on the mat or covers, they will obviously be killed very fast. You have to dry the mats and covers at a very high heat as this will eliminate the surviving bugs. High heat drying should be a very good option here. Obviously, you do need to repeat the process as often as possible. Sure, it might be a challenge to do it weekly but you should try to do it at least once or twice a month. It’s one of the simplest things to do and it will definitely help you eliminate these pests really fast.


If the aforementioned solutions might not do a very good job, then using this great powdery mineral might be the right option. Diatomaceous is created from fossilized remains originating from various aquatic organisms. It’s a very good compound if you want to kill insects so obviously it does work really well against the bed bugs. Plus, the main benefit here is that it doesn’t harm pets or humans. Instead, it just focuses on eliminating bugs and other similar pests which makes it a very efficient tool to use!

Use a fumigation service

The fumigation service is very efficient for homes but at the same time it can also work very well in the case of cars that got infested with bed bugs. The way this works is actually very easy to understand.

Your car will get sealed then it will be covered with a tarp. Then the professionals will start performing the fumigation treatment. Thankfully, the process doesn’t eat up a lot of time and it will also be very efficient. Most of the time you will see that it just takes a single treatment in order to remove these bed bugs efficiently.

Which method is the best?

Obviously, it’s really hard to find the best one because each bed bug bite comes with its own set of specifics. Some are easier to handle, others require a lot of focus on specific problems and solutions. Still, if you pay a lot of attention and focus on results the experience can be a very good one to begin with.

If you truly want to get rid of the bed bug bite in your car as fast as possible, then the ultimate solution would be to actually combine two or more of the methods listed above. For example, you should try to remove clutter from your car, clean the mats and use a steam cleaner. You can also add in some diatomaceous if you want, as this will further boost the efficiency of the entire treatment. These are great treatments that do bring in front an immense value and the results do pay off very well. If you want to get value and an outstanding experience then you should try to be creative because all of these ideas are helpful and combining them will only make it stronger.

So, if you do have to deal with a bed bug bite you shouldn’t worry at all. Try each one of the methods listed above or even combine them when needed. Granted, it will take quite some time in order to obtain the best outcome but if you do that then the results can be very well worth it! Remember, use diatomaceous with caution and in small amounts as that’s the recommended option. Give all the ideas we listed above a try and rest assured that if you do that the bed bug bite in your car will be a thing of the past!

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