6 Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches Naturally

How to safely get rid of cockroaches


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Getting rid of cockroaches is a daunting task. It is very complicated and never ending if you are unable to kill them the right way. Killing one cockroach will not put an end to it, as the very next day, you may be able to see another or worse more. Cockroaches have lived on earth since 354 BC and seem to have never stopped multiplying. What makes them much more complicated is the fact that they have the genetics that can withstand anything including the chemical filled traps that humans have to catch them.

What do Cockroaches Look Like

Cockroaches are usually about 15 mm long while there have been those who had claimed that they had found cockroaches up to 9 cm long. But no matter how disgusting they may seem to be and that it would seem that there is no end to them infesting our homes, there are still ways to effectively remove them from our homes and our lives.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

If you are decided on efficiently ridding your home from these pests, you can use these simple yet highly effective tips to eradicate cockroaches. However, for severe cases such as a large number of cockroaches everywhere, there are extreme methods to resort to.

Any crumbs or spills in your home should be cleaned after and removed from the table, counter tops, kitchen sinks, floors and the like. As cockroaches live and feed on food just like we do and on the same food that we eat, make sure that any remains of food and drinks are cleared away.

Cheap Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches

There is also a very cheap way of killing cockroaches and it is by making a homemade cockroach killer solution. You can mix sugar, water and baking soda into a solution and then place them in areas where cockroaches are prone to stray into. The cockroaches would feast on the solution and just a day or two you will find the effects of the solution working its miracle.

Another old fashioned method of cockroach killing is by setting roach killing traps in various places of the house. They can be placed inside the cabinets, bathroom and on the floor. But most importantly you should never keep these traps near opened or exposed food. Just be sure that the most effective cockroach killing traps are bought so as to achieve the most effective and convenient cockroach killing results, unlike cheaper store bought ones that have proven to be very useless.

Overall, cockroach killing is a messy job and it is a difficult task to endure. But never the mind the complexity of eradicating, when you can simply achieve a cockroach free home enabling you to keep your family and you safe from any disgusting cockroaches and their deadly diseases. You can use these mentioned tips to help prevent and control cockroaches, however should it fail, you can always resort to much more extreme cockroach killing products similar to what professionals use. You can find such products online as well as stores.

Keeping your place clean is one way to prevent your home from getting infested by cockroaches. But what can you do when your home is already infested? What natural ways can you use in order to get rid of cockroaches lurking in your home? Here are some useful methods you can do:

6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

  • Pandan Leaves Repellant
  •  find pandan leaves for repelling cockroaches
    Pandan leaves are usually used in cooking in Southeast Asia. But do you know it can be used as cockroach repellant too? You can easily find pandan leaves in the local food market and use them for repelling cockroaches. The pandan leaves produce horrible smell for roaches and so they usually stay out of any area with that smell.

  • Baking Soda and Sugar Trap
  •  Baking Soda & Sugar Kill Roaches
    If you want a safe way of killing cockroaches, a mixture of baking soda and sugar can do. The sugar in the mixture attracts cockroaches while the baking soda reacts in their digestive tract and kills them. It is great for home use because it is safe for your children and pets. At the same thing, it leaves cockroaches dead compared to trapping it alive.

  • Using Bay Leaves
  • Using Bay Leaves repel cockroaches
    Bay leaves are often used as a fragrant for cooking because of its pungent, nice smell. But when you crush its leaves a bit, a strong odor comes out of it because of the essential oils from the leaves. This can be used in order to repel cockroaches. If you tuck them under your bed cushions or at the shelf corners, the cockroaches immediately turn away from its smell.

  • Onion, Garlic and Pepper Solution
  • The kitchen has many ingredients you can use for repelling roaches. One of those you can easily make out of kitchen ingredients is the onion, garlic and pepper solution. Using one liter of water, add a clove of garlic, about a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and one onion paste. For about an hour, marinade this mixture and then add a tablespoon of liquid soap. Then apply this mixture to places where roaches always visits and you can get rid of this dreaded insect.

  • Use Pine Sol and Bleach
  •  great solution for getting rid of cockroaches is the pinesol and bleach solution.
    Another great solution for getting rid of cockroaches is the pinesol and bleach solution. Using two cups of Pinesol and two cups of bleach as well along with a cup of hot water; go and pour the mixture to the areas where cockroaches always go. Before cleaning up the area, wait for about 10 minutes to thoroughly rid your home of cockroaches.
  • Petroleum Jelly
  •  use petroleum jelly in order to trap the roaches
    You can also use petroleum jelly in order to trap the roaches. Using a jar, apply a good amount of petroleum jelly to its mouth. Inside of the jar, put some appealing peels of fruits like mango, apple, etc and then put the jar to where roaches always visit. The smell will attract them and the petroleum jelly will trap. This way, you can get rid as many cockroaches as you can.

These are useful ways you can do to get rid of the infestation at your home. Then after getting rid of the cockroaches, you have to maintain the cleanliness of your home so they don’t come back. This way, you will not worry about getting bit by cockroaches again.

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