Can Mice Climb Walls?

When it comes to invading homes, mice are extremely creative. You must have heard many stores about mice climbing ceilings and walls. Can mile really climb walls? If you have not seen a mouse climbing a wall, you would have this question in your mind.

It is true that mice have been gifted with some amazing physical abilities. These abilities help them to travel to unexpected places. That’s why you can find mice in the places that you would never expect. But it is hard to believe that mice can climb walls. Or do they?

Mice wakling on a wall

Mice wakling on a wall. Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar

The ability of mice to climb walls depends entirely on the surface. Therefore, it can simply be defined that mice do not have the ability to climb every wall out there. As you already know, mice have tiny claws. They can only use these claws in order to latch onto a rough or uneven surface. Therefore, mice are in a position to climb walls with rough or uneven surfaces.

When you take a look at a concrete wall, you will be able to discover tons of little air bubbles in it. These air bubbles give life to a rough surface. If the pin holes of the concrete wall are big enough, the mice will be able to grip them with their claws. As a result, they will be able to climb up the concrete wall. Shingles, wood finishing, sidings and stuccos offer excellent gripping surfaces. Therefore, mice will be able to climb such walls without much hassle. In fact, they will be able to climb the walls vertically without any external support. However, mice are not in a position to climb smooth painted walls. They are not in a position to climb the walls that are made out of glass as well. That’s mainly because the mice cannot find anything to grip onto in such surfaces.

It is extremely difficult to find a house that is entirely made out of bare walls. As a result, mice will find it as an easy task to climb up to higher vantage points in homes. For example, any sort of wiring or electrical cord that runs alongside the wall would give the opportunity for a mouse of climb without much hassle. The paws of mice help them to get a tight grip around the wire cords. On the other hand, the mice use their tails in order to maintain balance when climbing up. Since mice are small and light in weight, they will not find it as a hard task to climb small cords and wires. They would not pull down an appliance or a lamp when climbing because of the small body that they have.

From the recent studies, it has been identified that mice prefer to stay out of human sight when climbing up walls. Probably that might be the reason why you have never seen a mouse climbing up the walls through your eyes. Most of the walls are full of support structures, pipes, wires and insulation. As a result, it will take only a couple of seconds for the mice to climb up the walls. On the other hand, insulation that can be found in the walls of your home provides an ideal platform for the mice for nesting. This motivates them to climb up the wall.

Most of the homeowners actually don’t see any mice. They only hear the sound of the mice before they discover the issue. The small body that mice have makes it easy for them to squeeze into holes that are about quarter inch in diameter. This is little larger than the diameter of a pen. These holes can be behind your home appliances or in closet spaces. Therefore, you would never find them. The carpets can also make it hard for you to visually inspect mouse.

The most convenient method available for the mice to enter your home is to climb up the walls. Once they climb up the walls, enter your home and find an entryway, they would begin reproducing and nesting immediately. This can lead you towards a variety of issues in the long run. You will be able to hear the frustrating sound of mice coming behind the walls throughout the entire night. You will also be able to discover chewing and fecal matter on the floor. They love to chew the corners of cardboard boxes that you have in your home. However, these signs become visible when the problem is beyond your control. The most convenient method available to stay away from all this hassle is to restrict mice from entering your home after climbing up the walls.

Most of the modern world homeowners have to deal with the hassle of mice during the initial construction phase as well. You will find it almost impossible to keep mice away from your home until complete the construction. That’s because too many openings can be found on the walls during the construction phase and mice can easily creep into your home through those spaces. You will not be able to seal all such holes until you finish the construction process. However, you can take necessary measures to keep mice away from home after you complete the construction. It can be achieved by making the walls of your house smooth as much as possible. You just need to apply a smooth paint on top of the wall and make sure it doesn’t have a rough surface. Then mice not be able to climb up the walls of your home and get into it.

As you can see, mice do not have the ability to climb up all sorts of walls. It is up to you to design the wall of your home accordingly so that mice will not be able to climb up and creep into your home. This will give you the opportunity to maintain peace of mind in the long run.

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