How To Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard?

Have dreamt on the perfect yard you could ever have? And have worked so hard and used all your leisure on it and you see ridges the next day out of nowhere? Are you frustrated? Here are some simple solutions and measures you can probably take to avoid such ridges caused by moles. Moles come to the yard especially to eat the earthworms and other insects and they just make the yard unpleasant.

Moles are small animals that are mammals adopted to fossorial lifestyle and they are active during a particular time of the day whereas are inactive other time of the day. Mole tunneling may destroy the grass roots and the plant roots and therefore taking steps as soon as possible is essential.



How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard - 9 Working Ways

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The best and the most effective way is trapping.

Trap the moles. You need to consider a lot before shopping for a trap. Some of them may include the effectiveness of the trap, the size of the trap, the cost, how long it can be used or the longevity of the trap and how many times it can be used etc. Safety is very important when trapping. Normally a trap might be designed with sharp blades which might damage or harm you. So taking care of yourself and deciding the best that suits your requirement is the key. If there are small kids at you home this option may not be the best. There are various types of traps available in the market and the selection is depending on the requirement and preference. Now you have bought a trap, but what is the best position and the location to fix it to catch moles with traps? To be effective they need to fixed or placed in the travelling tunnels which are longest and straightest tunnels. That is you need to do a small research before you fix it.

Another option is to destroy the earthworms in your yard.

Earthworms are the food of the moles and by using a pesticide or a chemical you can avoid or kill them. This might not be the best option if the yard is used by small kids and it might have negative side effects on you. On the other hand earthworms fertile the soil and therefore this might not be the best option available out there. This method was used in the past as a traditional method of killing or getting rid of the moles. The fertility of the soil is important for a yard and thus this option have its inherent drawbacks.

Another effective solution can be gassing the moles.

Using gases can be effective but it will cost you more. However the gas that will be used here is also poisonous and need proper care when handling. Gloves are to be used when using them. Further, you need to have technical knowledge on operation. You can find different gas solutions in the town. The smoke bombs are just one alternative option available which is very popular at present. These are harmful to your health and extensive use may pollute the environment and air as well. If your yard is big then this is not going to be the best option as the local government has restricted the extensive use of these gases as they damage and pollute the environment and the neighborhood. Sometimes the smoke may not reach the places or the tunnels of the moles where it will be a waste and will also cost you a lot.

Using a mouse trap is another option available for catching the moles.

The mice and moles are of same size and you can probably use a mouse trap to catch them. You can buy a mouse trap at the departmental store in the town at a reasonable cost, conveniently and its rather easy fixing and handling compared to a complex mole trap that might also injure you as mentioned before. You probably have used a mouse trap at home and it is just the matter of doing the same for the moles. May be you have a used mouse trap at home that is put a side. Why not use it for the purpose of catching the moles?

Tricking the moles with bait is another great option available for you.

This is a very popular and an attractive option available to get rid of the moles in your garden or the yard. The baits are poisonous for moles and probably this might be the best option from all mentioned above resulting the moles to die in a very less time. Bait can kill moles within 24 hours and this is the fastest solution available so far. However making sure that they eat the bait is a question and probably you will have to find the nest or the active channel of the moles which might be difficult and time consuming.


Mole repellents are also a good solution.

They can be granulated repellents or liquid repellents that can avoid moles in your yard. This technique is not that popular in town but it is still an option available for you to get rid of the moles. Certain plants can deter moles from occupying your lawn or the yard. Castor beans are a perfect example for a mole deterrent.

You can also avoid moles by eliminating grubs.

This can decrease or reduce tunneling by moles which will destroy the roots. Barriers are also a solution that will prevent burrowing pests from invading garden areas. Moles are afraid of moles and they might change their tunnels so that they avoid the barriers. Therefore this might also not be a good option if you are not going to fix it at the right place where the moles are active.

With the expansion in the information and communications technology, there are major developments and advanced equipment designed especially to kill moles or to detect tunnels, nests made by moles. The ultrasonic devices thus introduced recently are a very good example for such inventions and innovations. They help to detect mole nests and the active tunnels. However the devices cost very much and thus owning a device is not going to be worthwhile for a household. If you own acres of land this might sound a good option for you depending on your requirements.

You can also attract mole predators to your garden that will do the work for you. This can be a very effective solution. Owls are a good predator of moles. So why not build an owl nest with straw or buy an owl nest and fix it closer to your lawn? It is only a matter of time before an owl is attracted to it and then you just have to enjoy your life because the owl is going to do the work for you. This is considered the only natural option available to get rid of the moles.

Filling the tunnel openings or the ends with rocks is also a good solution but it may litter your yard making it unclean. However, it can be used as a temporary solution to control moles till you take a permanent solution which will be time consuming. The openings will be blocked by this method and the moles may sometimes try different routes instead. Therefore this can cause things even worse creating ridges allover your yard.

There are various types of compost that you can use to avoid moles in your yard. Use the molehill compost for the best results. Further, you can use strong smells and strong noises that will disturb the habitat of moles which will also kill them. This is also considered a good option.

The final solution can be calling an effective pest control service or an expert in the field which is specialized on the service. They will find the best option available for you depending on the situation and thus it’s the most effective way if you do not have your own expertise, time to handle it yourself. However, the agency or the company will charge a premium cost for the service they render which might have saved if you have done it by yourself simply. They might have specialized equipment and techniques which might not have in a house or with you. That’s the advantage you have contracting an external company to do the task for you. Further, they will guarantee the service and that means you can get a clear permanent answer for your problem.

Therefore as mentioned above there are various ways for getting rid of the moles in your yard and the selection of the best method will depend on your preferences, situation, the size of the yard, the location of the yard, the household and the financials. However, there are costs as well as benefits of each and every method that needs to be considered before selection and implementation. Technical knowledge is also important where you need to be protective at times.

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