8 Effective Ways To Get Rid of Skunks

get rid of Skunk

The following knowledge shall become your helping hand while removing skunks. Below you’ll find the best preventive and effective strategies that have been successfully used by your average man and professionals alike

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Best Methods To Get Rid of Skunks

    • 1. Discard All Sources of the Skunk’s Shelter and Food

Remove all berries, nuts and other food sources from your vicinity. Being scavengers, they will eat anything which is full of nutrition. If you own any trees which bear crabapples, berries or nuts, rake your yard whenever necessary in order to clean it up. Moreover, vegetation like grass clippings should be thrown away as they may have various sources of food for skunks. If you own a lawn, be sure to harvest all ripe vegetables and fruits in order to prevent skunks from eating them. If you can, attach a tray under any bird feeders you may own in order to catch the seeds instead of letting them fall to the ground where they will surely attract skunks. Additionally, residual insecticides can be used to deal with them, though, it is a very low process and time consuming, which is why you might be better off killing or trapping the skunk.

    • 2. Defend the Garbage Can

trash can
Skunks, along with raccoons, adore garbage cans and will seek out ones with vulnerable or poor sanitation. In order to overcome this obstacle, try buying a chew-proof trash can and make it skunk-free by putting it in a garbage can rack or to attach it to something to make sure it does not get knocked down either naturally or by other animals. Be sure to make sure the lid is tightly secure and if it is not fixed properly, you can always use a bungee cord. In addition, make sure to toss all of your smelly waste until the sanitation service or until you take it away yourself.[/li]

    • 3. Skunk Traps are the Easiest Way to Get Rid of Them

If they have not been caught before, skunks are actually pretty easy to trap. Preferably, you will want to set the traps near their dens or near their routinely travelled paths. Cat food, bacon, fish, peanut butter or anything that is stinky and fatty will work excellently as bait. There are various kinds of traps and various kinds of models but, the ones which keep the skunks in the dark are by far the best ones. Since the animal can’t see anything as there is no light, they remain calm and do not panic. They also prevent the skunks from spraying their nasty odor as they cannot raise their tail while they are inside. Additionally, they help in keeping any kind of excretion inside.

Simple Yet Effective Tips For Skunk Removal

Add Light

Skunks loathe the lights and will always prefer to keep their distance from brightly lit areas. Adding more lights to your lawn or yard is an effective deterrent since skunks will always prefer dark areas and can keep these stinky rodents from picking out your garden as their nesting area.

Seal Holes

In order to get rid of skunks which are in the yard, under the house or under the deck, make sure to seal any openings or holes in them. To do that, you could use solid-metal flash wire and use a quarter inch screening to effectively cover up the holes.

Reduce Attractants

As said many times before in this article, ensure that your lawn is free of any skunk attractants which are garbage bags, pet food, leftover vegetables, fruits, water bowls, et cetera. Make sure to get rid of every last bit of them as they will not only attract skunks but many other species of wildlife as well.

Place Motion Activated Sprinklers

These sprinklers are an easy, safe and natural way to keep these smelly rodents away from your property. Just place the sprinklers at eh locations where you think the skunks might want to make into a shelter or nesting place.


You could also solve this problem by simply using natural and effective repellents. Repellents are made of natural, active ingredients which work together to repel and irritate the skunks as soon as they touch, taste or smell this product.


How to Exclude Skunks from your Property: The Fencing Solution

That is why fencing is a good method for removing any skunks.

Contrary to various myths, skunks cannot climb over fences as they are not skilled enough to do so. That is why fencing is a good method for removing any skunks. The fencing should be extended below the ground as skunks are supposed to dig and also to prevent these troublesome rodents from getting underneath. To do this, you should bury the fencing two to three feet below ground level while the actual fencing should be at least four feet above ground level. Additionally, to cover up the various kinds of openings and holes in the building or underneath it’s structures, you could always install a mesh fencing. Also, if the skunks have taken control under the entire porch or structure you are obliged to drive the rodents out before entirely covering the openings and holes.

Preventive Measures

repellents etcetera.

In order to remove skunks or prevent them from invading your property completely, try to use preventive measures like the ones mentioned prior which are- to remove any attractants around your house, using efficient skunk control products, installing products like motion-activated sprinklers, traps, repellents etcetera. If you follow the tips above, you will undoubtedly make your property or home a very hostile area for these repulsive pests.

Get Rid of Skunk Smell

The unique chemistry of the sulfur thiols contained in the anal gland spray makes it both obscenely offensive and hard to remove. There are many home solutions that will take care of the smell after much toil, but this is the fastest, most effective homemade skunk smell remover remover you come across: mix 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup baking soda and a teaspoon of hand dish soap. Rub it onto sprayed areas, let it work for several minutes, and finally rinse and repeat. The offending odor will be oxidized and rendered inert.
For large jobs, pest control professionals will use Neutroleum-Alpha or Epoleon, which is available from many online vendors–especially useful if you’re trying to get rid of the stench on a family pet.

How to Get Rid of the Captured Skunks
So what will you do with your newfound prisoner? Well, because of the risk of spreading rabies and general disease, it is illegal to release a skunk once you have caught it in most states. And, if you call the police, they will just come over and shoot it. However, specific counties and states can grant you release permits to licensed professionals and in more than a dozen places, you can release them on your own legally. If that is what you want to do, be sure to take the skunk far away from your neighborhood so that it does not disturb your neighbors later onwards. Also, be sure to keep your distance from the skunk while releasing it by either using a fishing line or string.

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