What Are Tiny Red Bugs in Your House, How to eliminate it?


Have the tiny red bugs invaded your house? It’s gross to see tiny creatures walking on your windows, curtains, bed and everywhere. These insects invade your house during the early months of spring and in fall. But it is alright; there is nothing to worry about because these bugs are harmless. They do not bite anyone or damage any eatables, appliances or furniture. These tiny red bugs enter homes in a large number through fissures and slits. Once they invade they die off quickly because they survive in damp conditions. Thus, they do nott carry any infections or diseases and cannot reproduce. When crushed they leave red stains. No no no, it’s not blood but the red pigment which gives them the red color. Obviously the marks make the place look dirty which is the only concern.tiny red bugs

These tiny red bugs also known as clover mites have a very short life span when they break in. You just saw them? Never mind! You will see them now and the next minute, they are gone. So the annoyance is for a short time. These are not actually insects; they belong to the same family as spiders and ticks. These tiny, awful looking beasts are classified as mites. These grow and mature quickly on grass beds and lawns.

9 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Tiny Red Bugs

Do you hate invading bugs? Are you terrified? Is it creepy and gives you Goosebumps? Want to get rid of them? Let’s jot down everything possible to get rid of these tiny red bugs.


  • Damp towels and mops can be used with liquid soaps to clean and wipe off the bugs from any surface.
  • Vacuum cleaner is also handy to suck them all up and disposing off the bag afterwards.
  • As it is more likely for these bugs to sweep in the house through small openings when the grass grows and extends closely to the base. This gives an effortless trail to these creatures to move inside. To prevent these bugs breaking into the house one should make sure the grass and lawns are trimmed and leveled at all times, this will make these beasts difficult to hide. Moreover, eliminating any grass or plants around the house which will become the food source for the tiny creatures.
  • scrutinize the sides of the house facing the south or west as these bugs like to relax in sunny places and warm areas. Thus, they creep up the structures and find openings to sneak in.
  • Drastic results can be achieved if lawns are not over fertilized; this will be beneficial and will make conditions favorable for keeping the mites away from home. Over fertilization can be dreadful and will give create room for bugs to grow in huge quantities.
  • Bugs or mites seen anywhere, indoors or outdoors should be killed immediately with the help of pest control sprays, and washing liquids, diluted vinegar, onion and garlic solutions are also handy in this course of action.
  • In order to prevent the bugs reaching and entering the base structure of the house or building pea gravel or sand and pebbles will be very effective in making a fence to put a stop to these little monsters intruding the homes.
  • Even though these mites are not very easy to get rid of, one can still make efforts and try putting multiple barriers for them to sweep in. These mites are so tiny that they can get in from the smallest holes, so the possible entry points like the slits and holes in the window panes and structure can be sealed with silicone adhesive, mud or plaster. This can be a very good and effective way to prevent the tiny red bugs from entering your home.
  • Obviously for immediate, long lasting results the professional pest control team should be contacted. The experts will use their expertise, examine the situation, the severity level, advice, choose and offer the best suitable service.


How to prevent tiny red bugs from invading your home?

Few simple steps can be followed to prevent your house from bugs. To prevent clover mites to invade your house you need to put the first line of defense by creating a wide space or area connecting the base of the house and the grass bed or lawn of the house that has no weeds or grass at all. The second line of defense can be the pebbles or gravel barrier connecting the lawn and the base of the house. Adding more to it, excess moisture should be taken care of. Pooling of water around the base or foundation of the house, can also be a feeding home for the mites to grow on. You should also keep a check on small unnoticeable things like, fixing dripping a/c pipes if they are leaking. One should adopt prevention methods and make routine check of the above mentioned techniques.


Make a point to receive regular checkups from the licensed pest control team and ask them ways to prevent bugs and other mites from entering the house.

Let’s talk about some household remedies or DIY. These can be handy if not for long; will definitely help prevent keeping away bugs for some time. Boric acid is a famous household chemical used for various household tasks. A boric acid solution can be prepared to serve the purpose, it’s an effective remedy. It can be sprayed on all the entry points of the house, slits and holes to prevent the invasions of mites. The dry powder form of boric acid can be used outdoors for plants if the mites are using your plants and gardens to feed on. It should be kept away from children and eatables. Besides being an effective insecticide, it does not stain anything or any place. Tapes can also be used to kill mites too. Want to know how? It’s very easy. Tape the window panes or any holes with the mites resting in it; they will stick to the tape as they cling very easily to sticky areas. Dispose the one with the dead mites on and replace it with a new one.


Regular checkups, prevention and maintenance are the key to a clean and bug free home.

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